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magda's eljay

the girl with
22 August
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my name is magda. i enjoy the bo-ho spirit and marzipan covered in chocolate.
but then, who doesn't?

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appearing offline on msn, arcade fire, archetypes, arrested development, arts degrees, arundhati roy, australian cinema, australian coastal towns, baby animals, bad eighties movies, baths, beaufort street, beck, being a video-store-clerk, being bohemian like you, books with glossy pages, boys with foreign accents, buss0x, buying presents, chunky beads, city skylines at night, claire danes, claudia karvan, cocktails not featuring goon, crying from laughter, decorating my bedroom walls, deserted beaches, dissecting movies, dr. tobias funke, drinking games, exit to dos, fake boyfriends, fancy restaurants, fat!, feist/flop, fetishising academics, finding good-stuff in op-shops, finishing essays, flat shoes, fluffy socks, food!, france et al., friends who are awesome, generating obsessions, girls with long eyelashes, going on dates, harry potter, higher education, hothot celebrities, indesign, indie films, indie music, inexplicable coincidences, learning to be decisive, library silence, living in the present, look both ways, loud music while driving, love my way, lying on lawns, magnolia, marine terrace busselton, milan kundera, mounts bay road, movies that make-me-cry, moving out someday, my unfinished novel, napoleon dynamite, new experiences, nice smelling hair, occasional decadence, odd polish traditions, off-beat travel destinations, old school rnb, people who change me, people who make-me-care, people with phds, perth aka home, photography, piano cello and bassoon, post-movie coffee chats, pretty dresses, private jokes, public transport, really hot weather, receiving messages, regina spektor, respecting vegeterians, review writing, risk taking, roadtrips, seachange, sexy female vocalists, shopgirl, silly girly crushes, so-bad-it's-good pop music, stage lights, steamy winter showers, stevie wonder, strings of coloured beads, stuffed toys, symphony orchestras, technology that works, the abc, the arts, the beatles, the drum media, the go! team, the piano, the smell of new-books, the smell of rain, the smell of theatres, the sound of music, the world as-my-oyster, theatre, thinking in reverse, travel books, uwa, uwa's student newspaper pelican, wanky postmodern concepts, watching tv-series on dvd, wednesday nights with abc, winter accessories, women who sing, writing for hours, you